UPMC WorkPartners selects Tropics Software Technologies to support its fully insured workers compensation program.

Sarasota, FL – October 20, 2010 – UPMC WorkPartners, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and Tropics Software Technologies (TST), a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation systems, announced that UPMC WorkPartners has selected Tropics Software Technologies for its new agency and policy administration systems.
UPMC WorkPartners has nearly 14 years of Third Party Administrator (TPA) experience. With the launch of its fully insured workers compensation program, UPMC WorkPartners now offers the same level of expertise in the commercial workers compensation arena. WorkPartners’ comprehensive underwriting covers more than 200 industries. As a crucial component of its strategic business plan, UPMC WorkPartners will utilize the new TST system to offer its’ clients the flexibility of performing web-based application submission, on-line inquiry functionality and integrated document management. TST also performs the back-office policy issuance, policy administration and billing administration software functions for UPMC WorkPartners.

“We performed a very thorough assessment of the software vendors servicing the fully insured workers’ compensation industry and concluded that Tropics Software Technologies had the most extensive compensation expertise with the most robust workers’ compensation technology functionality,” said David M. Weir, President – UPMC WorkPartners. “With our extensive TPA experience it makes sense to add an easy to use online system for both our internal and external users. After determining that TST would provide the optimal experience for customers, we elected to make the investment in what we view as the best workers’ compensation system in the market. The user-friendly nature of the new system ensures that we can offer cutting edge top-quality service.”

“TST is thrilled to be adding UPMC WorkPartners as a new client,” said Mike Mobar, President and CEO of Tropics Software Technologies. “Tropics has been implemented by a number of workers’ compensation entities over the years and has proven to be the foundation layer of an effective technology platform. We believe that the comprehensive functionality in the Tropics policy administration & billing systems, coupled with TST’s proven track record of helping workers’ compensation companies bring their operation into production very efficiently and effectively, has enabled Tropics to secure its place as the leading workers’ compensation software in the U.S. We look forward to helping WorkPartners implement this system and to
achieve a seamless and effective technology rollout. ”

About Tropics Software Technologies:
Tropics Software Technologies is a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation systems. They provide integrated, web-enabled policy, claims and billing systems. TST offers a comprehensive set of configurable modules, based on a common foundation of automated work and document management, which boosts business efficiency.

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