Software can quickly become outdated and irrelevant without a firm commitment to its support and maintenance. Tropics has proven its commitment to our products over the last 15 years, introducing feature-rich updates and time-sensitive service packs.

Our commitment to outstanding service lasts runs deep. Relationships & communication over processes & procedures ensure success for our client/partners.

Ability to deliver support and maintenance service requires consistency in the software company’s goals, management, and philosophy as well as a strong financial history. Our outstanding financial picture, proven commitment to the workers’ compensation industry, and consistent ownership and management style is a clear testimonial to these principles.

Through highly trained and in-depth knowledge of the workers’ compensation business, we can quickly analyze requests and thoroughly understand client needs so all support issues are resolved in a timely manner. We take the time before implementation to familiarize ourselves with client workflow, strengths, weaknesses, and goals so we can offer a solution that fits into our clients’ business model and leverages their internal resources. This unique company knowledge is one more tool that Tropics uses to offer top-notch support.

As part of the Tropics Software Assurance & Support plan, our clients receive product upgrades, as well as required interim updates (patches & service packs), so that they can keep the pace with technology and statutory requirements today and in the future.

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