Risk Administration Services Goes Live with Tropics Breeze

Risk Administration Services Goes Live with Tropics Breeze

Sarasota, FL – January 20, 2014 – Risk Administration Services, Inc. (RAS), headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD and Tropics Software Technologies (Tropics), a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation software systems, have placed Tropics Breeze workers’ compensation software system into live production. This is a culmination of two years of cooperation between RAS and Tropics to configure, test, refine, train, and convert legacy data across several states. RAS is the first production client on Tropics’ newly released version of its web-based system that provides highly efficient and detailed workers compensation insurance transaction processing and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the system has integrated advanced features for email messaging, business rules, workflow, and document automation. Implementation of the Tropics Breeze self-service web portals for agents and policyholders and the Business Intelligence data warehouse is staged for the second quarter of this year.

“This is a significant milestone in our long-term plans to upgrade to the best available systems in the industry. With the modern technology and robust features of Breeze, we are well positioned to deliver better service to our customers more efficiently. Breeze is built on a .NET framework and leverages SQL Server Reporting Services, which we already have in place, so its underlying technology is a perfect fit,” said Ed Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of RAS. He added that “We made a good choice with Tropics. They have a great team of technology professionals who know workers’ compensation. It’s been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to a long-term business partnership.”

Bob Sobocinski, Senior Vice President of Underwriting at RAS added, “We are excited to begin our 25th year in business with the next generation of workers’ compensation technology which will increase our internal efficiency and further strengthen our partnership with our agents and policyholders. With the increased integration and automation of Tropics Breeze and the ability to provide an enhanced customer experience with our self-service portal, we look forward to growing our business.”

“RAS is exactly the type of partner Tropics needed for installation of the new generation of Tropics products. With workers’ compensation being their focus and workers’ compensation solution being Tropics’ focus, it is a perfect match. I am thankful to the RAS’s competent management and staff for working closely, professionally, and amicably with our team to make the new Tropics version a success,” said Mike Mobar, President and CEO of Tropics Software Technologies. He added that, “We are proud and assured that, building on our 20-year legacy, we continue to successfully fulfill our mission of providing productive and modern systems to the industry.”

About Tropics Software Technologies:
Tropics Software Technologies is a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation systems. They provide integrated, web-enabled policy, claims and billing systems. Tropics offers a comprehensive set of configurable modules, based on a common foundation of automated work and document management, which boosts business efficiency.

For additional information, please contact Sherri Giltner at (888) 925-1234 Ext 4367, by email at sgiltner@gotropics.com, or visit our website at www.gotropics.com.

About Risk Administration Services, Inc. (RAS):

RAS is a niche provider of workers’ compensation services for employers in the Upper Midwest. As the attorney-in-fact for Dakota Truck Underwriters, and managing general agent for First Dakota Indemnity, collectively known as the Dakota Group, RAS is a leading writer of workers’ compensation insurance in the region. In addition, RAS provides Third-Party Administration for self-insured employers along with a full range of complementary services through its affiliated entities including managed care, pharmacy benefit management, bill review, and loss control services. For additional information, please contact Bob Sobocinski at (800) 732-1486 Ext 5002, by email at bob.sobocinski@rascompanies.com, or visit our website at www.rascompanies.com.

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