Tropics Breeze, Excess Carrier Edition, is a browser-based workers’ compensation policy, billing, and claims software system designed specifically for use by excess carriers and reinsurance companies. The software provides highly efficient and detailed workers’ compensation reinsurance transaction processing and reporting capabilities. One of the most predominant features of the Excess Carrier Edition that makes the system unique is the strong foundation of its account level billing giving carriers more flexibility under billing preferences across policy years or groups of policies. Tropics Breeze also offers integrated features for email messaging, business rules, workflow, and automated document creation.

Tropics® Breeze, Excess Carrier Edition, is a modern, browser-based policy, billing, and claims system designed specifically for reinsurers.

Excess Carrier Policy System

The policy system provides excess carriers with an efficient mechanism for managing reinsurance policies for both insurer and self-insured cedents. The Excess Carrier Edition streamlines policy management processes from initial inception through billing, renewal and audit. A centralized rating engine facilitates rating policies using either premium or payroll as the exposure base, and expertly incorporates experience modifier calculations for eligible self-insured cedents based on prior payroll and loss history. The Renewal and Audit modules interface seamlessly with external sources to import cedent-reported loss and exposure data, as well as regulatory bureau reported information, ensuring that these business processes flow smoothly year over year for the entire book of business. Annual policy adjustments are tailored for each cedent type as well as by insurer group, and provide refined layers of reconciliation and approval that complete the excess policy lifecycle.

Excess Carrier Claim System

The claim system is an end to end excess claim management solution from initial report and evaluation through reimbursement and/or settlement. Excess claim management is accomplished through tracking payments made by as well as reimbursements to the primary carrier. A precise benefit calculation tool confirms that the correct benefit amount has been paid based on the type of benefit and period reported by the primary carrier which prevents over reimbursements. A tiered reimbursement approval escalation process based on reimbursement amount assures management oversight of high dollar reimbursements. Sophisticated reserve rationale and settlement evaluation modules are also part of the standard package.

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