Tropics Breeze, the next generation of workers’ compensation software systems from Tropics Software Technologies, is leading the industry with rich browser-based policy & claims administration, integrated billing, agent & policyholder web portals, and business intelligence in one end-to-end solution.

Tropics Workers’ Comp Software Product Overview Diagram

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Built on a solid foundation with flexibility & security, the Tropics framework consists of an integrated workflow rules engine, document generation, email automation, contact management, and web services for external system interfaces. Tropics Breeze is the most comprehensive workers’ compensation software system in the marketplace today.

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Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceMake the most of your business information through Tropics OLAP cube and reporting services. With Tropics Business Intelligence, you do not need to sift through hundreds of data tables to find the information you need. Tropics pre-aggregates all the useful information and provides tools for easy ad-hoc reporting, charting and creation of dashboards.

Self-Service Web Portals

Self-Service PortalsThrough the integrated self-service web portals, agencies and policyholders can perform many different functions directly. Prime examples include accessing policy and claims information, uploading/entering and processing new business applications, uploading documents, receiving quotes, paying bills, entering payroll for self-billing, and reporting new claims.

Workflow Engine

Work ManagementThe Tropics Workflow Engine is a comprehensive rules and work assignment engine with deep integration with the Tropics services and business objects to accommodate additional automation beyond the rich set of standard built-in processing functions. Client-specific underwriting rules, renewal rules, claims processing rules, task assignments, etc. can be automated through this robust facility.

The workflow automation and automatic assignment of tasks is an integral part of this system. Events such as arrival of a new application, a new report of injury, or closing of a claim can trigger work assignments, and/or automatic execution of tasks based on the clients’ rules to add efficiency and reliability to completion of the required actions.

External Systems Interface (Web Services)

Tropics provides interfaces with outside systems through web services (such as ISO ClaimSearch), standard file formats (such as WCPOLS and Claims EDI), and specific custom-designed interfaces as requested by clients.

Tropics Breeze utilizes XML and web services for industry-standard interaction for those organizations that support this technology. For others such as with the bureaus for rate imports or with banks for lockboxes, the interface is accomplished through the proprietary file formats.

Configuration, Preferences, and Security

Configuration and SecurityThrough many configuration tables, system parameters, and custom rules the Tropics systems can be configured for a variety of needs by carriers, states, reporting needs, and personal preferences. Additionally, Tropics Breeze offers the ability to change any label in the system (e.g. change SSN to Tax ID), supports multiple languages, and allows for individual preferences such as color themes, the size of columns in data grids (e.g. wrap or no-wrap), and other preferences.

No matter which workers’ comp products you offer, guaranteed cost or loss sensitive plan, and in which states you offer such products, they can be configured and processed in Tropics. Additionally, if you use multiple writing companies (carriers), Tropics’ advanced architecture can handle it.

To secure and segregate work, Tropics provides hundreds of distinct rights which can be secured to a role (such as adjusters) or individual users. To manage configuration and security, Tropics provides advanced administrative and configuration tools as part of its delivery.

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Windows 2012r2 Certified
Tropics® Breeze® is certified to run on Microsoft Windows 2012r2