Tropics provides Real-Time Agency Upload processing from virtually any independent agency software, including Applied Systems, AMS Systems, etc. TST has partnered with ACORD member, Appulate, Inc. to leverage the Uplink XML creation tool, along with Tropics’ XML Harbor module to allow independent agents to upload new submission data directly from their agency systems to the Tropics’ Self-Service Web Portal.

This integration dramatically reduces the amount of duplicate data entry relative to the older paradigm of asking agents to enter ACORD form data into both their agency system, as well as an insurer’s agency portal. The result is a streamlined new business submission process, which allows agents to submit information quickly, thereby increasing their satisfaction with their business relationship with that insurer. The combination of Appulate’s Uplink product and Tropics XML Harbor is offered to Tropics clients as a bundled product named BeamUP.

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Operational Flow Diagram

Roll-out Strategy to Agencies

  • Insurer will send an email out to agents describing the Real-Time Upload Initiative, the time-saving benefits and providing a hyperlink to the Appulate Uplink software download site
  • Agents install the Appulate Uplink printer driver with a few simple clicks (just like any other local/network printer driver installation)
  • Insurer’s Marketing Representatives continue to evangelize the benefits of the Real-Time Upload Process in order to gain high adoption rates, which theoretically will translate into higher satisfaction from agents in terms of ease of doing business