Through the Tropics Document Management system, all documents and forms needed for policy, claims or other systems are automatically created, saved and electronically tied to their associated entity. Tropics Software Technologies has devised easy-to-use techniques for creating dynamic document and form templates by inserting database fields, formulas, and interactive data items into a document. Popular document formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Excel are supported.

Integrated forms and document generation, document imaging, all with real-time access and residing under one virtual roof, affords the highest level of productivity to an insurance organization

The work management rules engine provides automatic generation of statutory and other required forms and letters. Every document is permanently stored with the associated policy, claim, agency, etc., and can be retrieved on demand.

Optionally, incoming documents can be scanned and stored in the Tropics document systems via Tropics Imaging. Scanning of documents, image queue management, image review and annotations, etc., are all built-in features of the native imaging module of Tropics.

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Templates Put You in the Driver Seat

In addition to delivering the system with a number of document and form templates based on client needs, the document management system provides tools and instructions for adding MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF templates to the system. The templates can be created with auto-fill tags. Tags within a template can point to a database field, business object (in Tropics Breeze), formula, or interactive data field. When a template is used for creating a new document, the data is filled automatically from the database or through execution of formulas.

Additional template parameters identify documents, which will be available on the self-service portals and automatic emailing of document to a recipient type. If email recipient type is identified, the document is automatically emailed to the person within the related organization who matches the recipient type.
Further flexibility is afforded to clients by access to predefined formulas and allowing clients to create and integrate formulas that fit their unique requirements. Additionally, In Tropics Breeze, clients have access to business objects, which can be imbedded in the document templates. For interactive data fields, the system prompts the user to enter the data before the document is created.

Templates are organized and grouped by document types such as “agency letters”, “claims forms”, “claimant letters”, “provider letters”, etc.

Document Management User Interface

Quick access to documents is provided throughout the Tropics systems. Therefore, if a user is reviewing a specific policy or claim, a list of documents related to the policy or claim being viewed is presented with a click of a button or a link. The user can then review the documents and/or initiate the creation of a new document using any client defined document template. The system then collects all the pertinent data to automatically complete the document and allows the user to add additional comments to the document, if appropriate.

Document/Form Printing/Emailing

All documents and forms are marked as unprinted when created, providing the ability to print them in batch for large production companies. However, any document or form can also be printed, reprinted or emailed on demand. The integrated email facility allows multiple documents to be selected for attachment to an email. Tropics provides a background email facility named Email Notification System, described below, to allow the issuing of individual or a group of emails in the background.

Under the “Advanced Printing” option, Tropics provides methods for defining the capabilities of all of the installed printers, such as color printing, duplex printing, special form printing, etc. It also allows for defining the type of printing that a document or form requires, therefore, matching suitable printer(s) to a document being printed automatically.

Email Notification System

Email Notification System is and optional mass background emailing system that creates and send emails based on pre-defined email templates. Emails may be issued to external and internal recipients, based on defined rules, without user intervention.

This system is used in automating many of the required notifications such as “Bill is Ready to Pay” “Payment Reminder”, “Past Due Notice, “Self Audit Reminder”, “Termination Notification”, and many other types of notifications.

Documents which are configured to be emailed automatically when created use this system for emailing. Email activities are logged for inquiry and audit purposes.

Document Import

The system also provides a tool for importing a scanned document or a document, which is created outside the document management system, to the Tropics document management system. When imported, the document is stored and indexed against the claim, policy, agency, or any other entity of user choice.

Document and Image Association (Indexing)

The Tropics document management system provides for logical attachment of a document or document image to one or more entities. The entities are application, insured, policy, agency, collection, provider, related party, reinsurance, and claim. A single document can be attached to multiple entities (i.e. insured, policy, and agency, etc.), thereby, providing the capability of viewing the document from any of those entities.

Document Imaging

As an option, Tropics provides a fully integrated, native imaging solution for those clients who desire complete document generation and management under one umbrella. From scanning to image queue management and image annotation and indexing, all aspects aspect of document imaging and image management are provided in this module.

Batch scanning with a page separator allows a large volume of documents to be scanned simultaneously. The scanning center workstation may mange the scanned documents by reordering, splitting or merging multi-page documents, rescanning, and assigning to specific queue for further processing and indexing. Tropics supports any TWAIN compliant scanner.

The document queue users may view, annotate, stamp, and index the document to one or more entities (policy, claim, agency, etc.). Although the images are natively stored as TIFF files, they may be exported to PDF files for emailing.

The historical movement of documents and assignments are tracked and may be viewed or reported at any time.

Tropics also provides full interface and integration with the ImageRight* imaging product for those clients who require additional features and document based workflow provided by ImageRight.

*ImageRight® is registered trademark of Vertafore, Inc.