Information is powerful. However, a mountain of insurance data is meaningless without the right tools to analyze it.

Tropics’ Business Intelligence (BI) product empowers clients to transform their data into meaningful and actionable information.

It aggregates. Tropics’ BI sifts through thousands of policy, claim and financial records to aggregate and summarize them into meaningful information stored in a data warehouse.

It organizes. From this information, customized reports, charts and dashboards can be created according to individual preference and used by different levels of management.

It works. Capitalize on Tropics’ experience in creating OLAP cubes with meaningful measures and dimensions that can be used for flexible drag-and-drop, ad hoc analysis.

Figures such as earned premium, written premium, incurred losses and paid losses can be further examined by industry, class code, agency, policy year and calendar year.

Perform advanced data analysis and use a cube browser to create attractive dashboards and scorecards. Drill-down functionality allows users to examine the details.

With Tropics’ Business Intelligence, extract and analyze business data, identify trends and make intelligent decisions.

Tropics’ Business Intelligence leverages well-known tools such as Microsoft Excel and provides additional functionality through the Microsoft SQL Server suite of products: SQL Server, Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

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BI Report Options

Tropics’ Business Intelligence provides more than 125 standard reports in both chart and traditional report format addressing subjects such as Underwriting, Claims and Loss Control. Reports can be accessed online or scheduled for email delivery.