Alabama Retail Comp goes live with Tropics Software to support workers’ compensation software program.

Tropics Software Technologies meets ARC’s aggressive timelines to implement a new policy and claims administration system to support its Workers’ Compensation insurance offering to Alabama employers.

Sarasota, FL – August 12, 2011 – Alabama Retail Comp (ARC), a growing workers’ compensation self-insured fund headquartered in Montgomery, AL, and Tropics Software Technologies (TST), a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation systems, announced today that ARC has successfully implemented Tropics as its new policy, billing, and claims administration system. As a critical piece of its strategy to continue to expand its workers’ compensation insurance business in Alabama, ARC is utilizing the new system to offer agencies the flexibility to perform web-based application submission, quick quotes, on-line inquiry functionality and integrated document management. Additionally, the Tropics system is handling the back-office policy issuance, policy administration and claims administration software functions for ARC.
“I am happy to report that the Tropics software suite and the TST implementation team exceeded our expectations during this project. TST’s employees are smart, responsive, hard-working and dedicated to providing the very best product in the market. When we decided to upgrade our systems last year, we performed a thorough assessment of the software vendors servicing this industry and felt that TST had the deepest workers’ compensation expertise and the most robust technology functionality,” said Mark Young, ARC’s Fund Administrator. “We wanted to make it clear to our agents and employers that ARC‘s infrastructure is evolving with the demands of today’s market and will continue to offer leading-edge technology to support their needs. My staff members are already noticing how rich the functionality is within Tropics, as well as how intuitive the software is to utilize.”
“TST is thrilled to be putting Tropics into production for ARC,” said Mike Mobar, President and CEO of Tropics Software Technologies. “This was truly a team effort. The project team of TST and ARC staff members worked diligently to identify requirements, perform the requisite configuration and testing, as well as converting 27 years of legacy policy and claims data. This is no easy task to accomplish in a one year timeframe, but our two organizations worked extremely well together to ensure the project was a success. We look forward to supporting ARC’s technology strategy as they continue to maintain their position as one of the most respected providers of workers’ compensation insurance in the Southeast.”
About the Alabama Retail Comp:
Alabama Retail Comp (ARC) was formed in 1984 by the Alabama Retail Association (ARA) to provide quality workers’ compensation insurance and services to ARA’s member employers. ARC is a self-administered, self-insured workers’ compensation fund that is regulated by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations and governed by a board of trustees, who participate in the Fund. For more information about ARC, visit our web site at
About Tropics Software Technologies:Tropics Software Technologies (TST) is a national software company specializing in workers’ compensation systems. TST provides integrated, web-enabled policy, claims and billing systems. The Tropics software suite of products includes a comprehensive set of configurable modules, based on a common foundation of automated work and document management, which boosts business efficiency.
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